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Dongtai Best Pigments Technology Co., Ltd Dongtai Best Pigments Technology Co., Ltd  
Pigments for coating
Dedicated to customer service.
Pigments for plastic &
Dedicated to customer service.
Pigments for ink
Dedicated to customer service.
  Mr. Zhai +86-13815595687 18905110126
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As a specialized manufacturing enterprise, Dongtai City Jiacai Pigments Technology Co.,Ltd is mainly engaged in the development, scientific research, production and sales of organic pigments. Adopting international leading methods and key equipment, we produce five series (blue, green, red, yellow and violet) and over 20 kinds of products and the main products include: Phthalocyanine blue, Phthalocyanine green, Permanent Red, Permanent Yellow and Permanent Violet, etc.  Due to international advanced production technologies, our products are well known for "brilliant color light, high intensity, ultra-fine fineness, high temperature resistance, good dispersion and excellent fastness". Now, our products are widely used in the coloring field of many industries such as paint, painting ink, color steel coating, plastic, rubber, stationery commodity, coating printing size, printing and dyeing as well as production of agricultural materials, etc.


Equipped with complete detection equipment and sophisticated technologies, we strictly control the quality of products and do our vest best to ensure its stability, therefore we are highly appraised by users. 

Sticking to such idea of "get survival by excellent quality,  further development by honest business; take science and technology as guidance and market as supports; be human-oriented", we strive to offer customers excellent services for achieving mutual development and creating a bright future together!


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